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The focus of our research at Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics Research Laboratory (ASDR) is on the interdisciplinary phenomena, involving structures, structural dynamics, aerodynamics, and aeroelasticity. The field of aeroelasticity plays an important role in the design and analysis of aerospace vehicles. Traditionally, aeroelasticity deals with the interactions among inertial, elastic, and aerodynamic loads of wings. Beyond this, our research interests extend to the design of closed-loop control algorithms (i.e., aero-servo-elasticity), the synergy with active multifunctional materials and structures, and the coupling with flight dynamics of very flexible aircraft. The current areas of application of our research include highly flexible unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with multifunctional wings, morphing aircraft with adaptive structures and bio-inspired sensing technologies, real-time sensing and control simulations of flexible launch vehicles, etc.

About the PI: Professor Su was born and educated in China and earned his B.S. (2000) and M.S. (2002) degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (also known as “Beihang University” since 2002). He earned his Ph.D. (2008) degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan. He has worked as a research fellow at the University of Michigan. Dr. Su is a senior member of AIAA and a full member of Sigma Xi. He received the ASME/Boeing Structures and Materials Award in 2011. Dr. Su’s expertise is on aerospace structures, structural dynamics, aeroelasticity, and aircraft flight dynamics. [more...]


Open Positions: Research positions are immediately available. If interested, please contact Prof. Weihua Su with your detailed CV. [Learn more details]

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